Bits & Pieces

Today I met (by phone) with my St Francis de Sales Association Companion to discuss my spiritual journey of this past month. Yesterday as I was thinking about our upcoming conversation I decided to jot down a few observations, in case my brain chemistry wasn’t going to be cooperative during our scheduled time, it being especially cantankerous lately. After having shared them with her it occurred to me that I could share them with you as well, dear reader, and perhaps someone will find something of use among my thoughts. Some of these reflections were new to me but at least one was definitely old but I have yet to have gotten anywhere near learning it. Or maybe you already know these things and could just use a friendly reminder!

God comes to us when we can’t seem to get to Him.

God loves to lavish upon us gifts that are most unexpected.

Being–as opposed to doing–is enough for some days. Being My Guy’s wife, being my Teen Guy’s mom, being someone who lives and loves, has hopes and dreams and gains and losses, and through it all is sustained by my vocation built upon the sure foundation of all the graces I receive via the sacraments of the Church.

Sometimes we just have to create balance even when it feels we can’t find it, and there’s always a gateway available to this–prayer, sacramentals, music, nature, exercise, FlyLady, whatever!

I hope wherever you are, whatever you are doing today, you feel God’s love for you and you realize during this blessed season of Advent that He has indeed come, He is always coming to us, and one day He will come again in glory!

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