There’s No Place Like Home

After all that energy I used focusing on getting ready for (and then going on and enjoying immensely!) a long overdue and refreshing week long family vacation, then there’s the inevitable decrease of energy during the process of recuperating from the trip (plus I started to get sick again, something that had occurred the week before the trip itself). Getting back into the swing of things–which in our case included keeping assorted extra appointments the first week back on top of our regularly scheduled activities, not something I recommend or normally do, but “Que Sera, Sera”–is harder when you live with chronic illness. Thankfully with each trip I’m learning how to return to our regularly scheduled programming a little more smoothly. For this I am most grateful, as being away from home used to increase my symptoms–not to mention knock me out of my normal parameters of functioning–so badly that it took a lot of courage to be willing to travel and/or be gone away from home for any length of time, not knowing just how bad the fall-out would be when I returned home. It’s still not easy, but it’s getting better. Thanks be to God!

Inevitably, though, there’s always the added challenge of the assorted unexpected “things” one has to deal with–a sort of miniature version of Murphy’s Law, I guess–which in this case included multiple loved ones’ emotionally challenging events as well as the dishwasher deciding it was ready for a permanent vacation. No time for blogging in the midst of all that living but I am looking forward to sharing bits and pieces of our trip and getting back into my very sporadic blogging groove. But, as I was going to say earlier–before I got sidetracked with all my venting–I am glad to be home again. Dorothy was right; there’s no place like home!:-)

And to all of my fellow Christians who celebrate the liturgical year, a most blessed second week of Advent to you!

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  1. Katie
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 03:41:01

    A blessed second week of Advent to you, too! I love your line: ” no time for blogging in the midst of all that living”. That’s what happens, isn’t it! Glad you got to go on vacation. Love, Katie



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