Progress, Not Perfection!

First I was recently reminded of this helpful aphorism via FlyLady. A little later I heard it from my therapist. Shortly afterwards during the Sacrament of Reconciliation the priest pointed out God’s infinite patience and loving-kindness and encouraged me to be patient and kind with myself as well. I apparently need the triple whammy treatment because, as I’ve long known, I’m an ADD Christian–viz., in my spiritual life (okay, the rest of my life too!) I keep getting sidetracked, have numerous inspirations and/or projects that don’t get followed through, miss The Big Picture for all those glorious details, and I repeatedly forget what I’ve previously learned in life and thereby end up repeating the same sort of lessons over and over. Sheesh kameesh!

Just now I read that FlyLady’s motto for the upcoming year is Perfectionism is Shelved in 2012!

I like that. And I’m glad God is good with that too. So here’s to shelving perfectionism and being okay with repetition of that which I haven’t yet learned. At least I’m making progress by learning to let go of searching for that elusive perfect life and learning to accept the perfectly good one that I have instead…not that there’s not room for improvement, mind you<g>.

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