Doing the Right Thing: A Birthday Tribute

Over a decade ago while perusing a journal I keep of favorite things read I found the following wisdom written by my dear departed friend and mentor Norma, whose birthday was October 7th and who received her heavenly promotion 17 years ago. I feel as close to her as ever as spiritual friendships are for eternity and thankfully not limited by either time or space; after all, “I believe in…the communion of saints.” It was good to be reminded of this advice on each occasion when I heard it–whether for my encouragement (usually) or her own–especially as she lived it out before my eyes during some extremely difficult times in her life. I hope it will encourage you as well!

“It’s always harder to do the right thing vs. the easy thing but it’s worth it in the end.”

The virtue of prudence–“right reason applied to action” (ST.II-II.47.2)–allows one to act rightly in any given situation, and that was Norma to a “T.” Happy Birthday, Norma, and thank you for praying for those of us who are struggling to live out this virtue as well as you did.

–Norma Lindquist, gone to be with God on September 1, 2005

Writers’ Wednesday

Are you a writer? If you journal, blog, write poems, lyrics, short stories, fan fiction, columns in your weekly parish bulletin, organization newsletter, or maybe even in your area magazine–if you do any of these things then you are a writer. You don’t have to have published novels, short stories, non-fiction books and magazine or periodical pieces (although if you have, you can mentor the rest of us.) Having said that, I want to encourage my fellow writers–and you know who you are!–to do whatever it takes to write more and see where it takes them. Maybe you’ll be motivated to start a blog. Or perhaps you’ll keep a private notebook of your creative outpouring. Writing, for some of us, is like a love-hate relationship. We love it when we’re writing. We hate it when we have writer’s block. Wherever you find yourself today, or sometime this week, do one small thing to nudge along your writing practice.

Here’s my example. I had another post written yesterday to put up today but then my computer ate it so instead of breaking into sobs and giving up (after all, it was close to bedtime and I do my best writing in the mornings) I just started over with something completely different and this is what came out. Hopefully someone finds it takes them to the next level in using their creativity. After all, if you’re not using it you could be depriving the world of something it needs and very well will make a difference in someone else’s life. I get that we’re all busy and sometimes feel too tired or uninspired to write. Just don’t let life pass you by without sharing your gift with the rest of us because we need to hear from you.

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