Waiting is hard. Waiting is no fun. Waiting is something I’m not very good at doing. Right now I’m waiting to see when we need to let go of our sweet 14-year-old Basenji. Rascal had been in good health for his age up until a few weeks ago, when things began to go wrong. In a nutshell, he’s in kidney failure and to add insult to injury his cataracts are now causing blindness and arthritis and accidents have set it. We just got him started on pain and incontinence meds this week and so far they are helping this difficult situation we’re all in.

A thoughtful member of the Facebook group we’re in for other Basenjis that have been rescued and given new “furever” homes sent me the following helpful link to help us in making a timely decision. I hope no one reading this needs it but if you should I’m including it here below. I’m so thankful the good Lord created pets for our companionship but saying goodbye to them is excruciating.




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