An Anniversary Amble

Today is my parents’ 56th anniversary. What could potentially be a dreary day due to a combination of weather, health challenges, and COVID-19 is still an opportunity to celebrate over five and a half decades of matrimony. When I talked with Mom on the phone she shared with me that her plans–since they’re stuck at home instead of going out to celebrate like usual–included the following fun idea. For every year they’re married she thought they could think of a highlight of that year. It might be what they did on an anniversary or my sister and mine’s births or other highlights over the years. I thought that sounded like a wonderful plan and maybe Hubby and I will do the same with ours later this spring. Knowing us, it will be largely populated with movies and music that came out in any given year!

So Happy Anniversary, Dad & Mom! Many happy returns of the day, and may you be blessed with many more years in which to make fond memories for recalling together. I love you both dearly!

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