Today is one of this country’s days of infamy. I know of no one who doesn’t look at this day as a complete tragedy. A lifelong friend of mine, Cole Bennett, in the contemporary folk band Jamison Priest, wrote a song about it and sings the lead vocals for this track. I believe he has captured perfectly the essence of how the effects of what happened that day lingered on and impacted all of us, some much more personally than others, in a myriad of ways large and small. If you’re intrigued by the opportunity to hear a beautifully poignant ballad about an event that changed so much for so many, then this is, in my opinion, just what you should listen to today.

It’s available for previewing/purchase here:




At any rate, we can all stop for a moment and say a prayer for all those who lost their lives and their loved ones as well; a price paid we’ll never fully comprehend.

P.S. The lyrics are available for those of you who may not wish to purchase the song–although I must warn you, you are missing out on something one-of-a-kind–on the band’s website. Click music, then lyrics & stories, and you’ll find “Infamy” near the bottom of the page:


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