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Another classic worth posting here.

Aquinas, Etc.

My first elementary lesson of duty is that of resignation to the laws of my nature, whatever they are; my first disobedience is to be impatient at what I am, and to indulge an ambitious aspiration after what I cannot be, to cherish a distrust of my powers, and to desire to change laws which are identical with myself. (Grammar of Assent, p. 347)

It’s hard to know where to begin in commenting upon this brief passage. It is just packed.

What is resignation to the laws of my nature? I think a good illustration would be to think of the madman who is convinced he has wings and tosses himself off a ledge with a false certainty that his powers of flight will deliver him from an inevitable sudden stop at the bottom of the cliff. So resignation to the laws of my nature would be…

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Seeking Perfection

Seeking Perfection.

He lived long and prospered

He lived long and prospered.



Small town living

Aquinas, Etc.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the gentleman with the snowplow who helped me clear my driveway this afternoon, so that our two cars could get out! Now that’s the sort of thing that doesn’t happen (much, if at all) in big cities. Small towns have their advantages. Now I will be able to go to work tomorr- uh, well…every silver lining has a cloud 🙂

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We all have problems…

I think everyone should see this video. In less than three minutes you will be better educated, (hopefully) more compassionate toward those with mood disorders, and know how important it is to know the signs for both yourself and your loved ones’ sake.

We all have problems...

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