I Must Decrease

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No longer strangers

Source: No longer strangers

Thoughtful Thursday

Two excellent posts on living faithfully to pass along today from a favorite blog:





Writers’ Wednesday

Here is a good article on blogging from a veteran blogger of multiple blogs. I can’t say I follow all its advice–as I don’t (yet)–but I see  the logic behind it, especially for those who want to increase their readership. I recently began reading the author’s writing blog and appreciate his advice as well as the interesting and informative guest columnists’.


The Power of 15

The following post on the power of 15 minutes is one I could have written myself. For those who don’t read comments, here’s what I had to add. I’ve found another thing that works well with using this approach is to take a quick pic of the area(s) I’m working on before and after the 15 minutes. Seeing the difference I can make in this concrete way really helps motivate me to keep on going with this “one bite at a time” approach. Additionally, using a timer–(I like the Time Timer app for my phone–http://www.timetimer.com/)–is helpful in making these 15 minutes happen for me. I need help both in starting and stopping! 








This is simply a great post, no pun intended.





The Way of the Cross

Here’s an excellent reblogged post for Holy Thursday.


I hope you have had a blessed first day of the Triduum, whether it looked like what you had planned or not. We have two more days to focus on the Lord’s passion and then celebrate with Easter Sunday!


Of Blooming, Gardens and Such

This is a follow-up to my husband’s excellent–if I do say so myself–“Bloom Where You Are Planted” piece that I reblogged a couple of days ago.


Thoughtful Thursdays

Here’s something I felt gratitude toward the author–my husband–for having written and wanted to share it with you in hopes that you will also find it worth pondering.



Interior Struggle

This is a very insightful post. I highly commend it to my readers because the author knows something about struggles and I’ve seen him grow as he tries to accept them in faith.

Interior Struggle.

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