Stumbling Forward

Thank you, gentle reader, for turning your eyes to this blog. If this is your first visit here–welcome! This weekend’s post almost didn’t happen because of severe sleep deprivation and that’s not conducive to thinking clearly, much less writing well. But then I remembered the encouraging words I received last weekend when rebooting the blog, that I keep publishing my scribblings–and so here I am, scribbling away!

This blog has always been an outlet for the jumble of thoughts from my aneurotypical brain, often focusing on snippets of encouragement from my faith journey. As a close friend knows, I consider everything “on topic”–which is just another way of saying my brain finds so much of the world fascinating that it’s hard not to get caught up in the latest “bee in my bonnet,” as my dear husband so sweetly put it early in our married life. My journal contains the stream-of-consciousness stuff that I feel compelled to put down; my blog is more of an effort to selectively share what I am learning about neurodivergent living (known or unaware, disclosed or not, believed or disbelieved), as well as living with chronic physical conditions–and the occasional poem to placate a family member who thinks my infrequent scribblings of this sort worth sharing.

On sleepy weekends like these, or possibly at other times when I feel led to do so, I will share a rerun of a post from the past decade of blogging–primarily to jog my memory with something I felt was helpful at the time but also to hopefully allow you to be encouraged or informed as well. Having said that, let’s see what I dig up!

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