Monday Musing: Electronics & Detachment

After an unintended six week hiatus I am back to blogging, minus my recently dearly departed laptop, R.I.P, with which I began my blogging years ago. Then, wouldn’t you know, while getting used to a tablet we weren’t using much since The Man of the House was finally the owner of a smartphone–he had actually begun preparing his tablet to give to me as a surprise–I, or technically an evil faulty (worn) charging cable, zapped my beloved computer, so petite and seemingly made just for me all these years, into The Black Screen of Death.

Then, approximately one month later my smartphone went for an unauthorized dive when returning home from a flight to TX and although it appeared, after its initial dry out in a bowl of rice, to possibly have survived it did not. I finally exerted the mental and physical energy to order an almost exact replacement and was blessed with a good deal. God has taking good care of me with my electronics needs so no more excuse for not blogging!

I still am not used to my tablet but it’s very nice and we’re beginning to bond…the digital keyboard is the most difficult challenge, but I do have a Bluetooth keyboard we just need to get properly paired and I’ll be able to type more normally.

It’s funny the things we take for granted in our lives and/or think we must have. I have been trying to work on the virtue of detachment from earthly things–which is not the same thing as hating them; rather, it helps me enjoy them more–so that I can form a greater attachment to God. Funny how he knows just what things I need removed or a fast from in order to actually accomplish this! I rather enjoyed the first week without my phone but the second week I was having to borrow The Offspring’s phone more and more and since he needed it for when he was driving somewhere at times I felt isolated. Thank goodness I could just text my mom via my tablet and ask her to call me on our land line.

So, enjoy your material possessions and thank God for them, pass them along when you no longer need them instead of hoarding them (our lives are much more than the sum of our belongings), and trust God when He removes something because He knows what He is doing even though we are scratching our heads in consternation.

Remember, “Live Jesus!” and “be yourself very well,” and all will be well. Certainly not in this life often enough, but in our permanent abode where there will be no electronic devices and therefore no screensucking. Interestingly enough, no one will be in withdrawal from their devices. Quite a concept!

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