Writers’ Wednesday

Welcome to another roundup of tools to help you in your writing pursuits. This week we have had a lot going on here so I’ll be posting another short and sweet list of favorite tools. At least that’s better than yesterday when I was so busy I never even had time to write “Too Much Tuesday,” the irony of which I can assure you did not escape me. So today’s focus is on getting support to come to you when you can’t get to a support group, class, editor, agent, or whatever it is you need help with in furthering your work with words.

Today we’ll talk about magazines. Here are the top three, in my opinion. You can check them out at a local bookstore/newstand or visit their websites or take out a subscription by the issue digitally, or, in some cases, start a subscription and if you don’t like it you can cancel it and won’t be charged for unreceived issues.

Poets & Writers

The Writer

Writer’s Digest

NB—If you sign up for the free Writer’s Digest email newsletter they will send you a PDF—”101 Best Websites For Writers”—that, in my opinion, is well worth signing up for. And of course you can always unsubscribe if you don’t care for the newsletter.

Of the three, The Writer is my personal favorite but each has its own unique flavor and will suit certain readers better than others. Or some people like two out of the three and then there are those cover-all-the-bases types who get all three. Don’t forget to check your local library for copies as well. Sometimes, serendipitously, they even show up on the book sale table. I’d love to hear which publications you appreciate or share any I haven’t featured here.

Happy reading for the sake of writing!

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