Wonderful new blog I recommend


If you like to laugh, cry, and live for the Lord and your life has been and continues to be anything but perfect, join Beckie on her quest to do just the same, while keeping a handy supply of bacon on hand to make everything better!

Start your year off right with special attention to the fourth paragraph of her most recent post:


We all need more Beckies in our lives and I’m glad to have her in mine. I didn’t know she liked to write or had a blog as our conversation in her workplace didn’t usually allow for more than the smallest of small talk, and many times no doubt both us were probably depressed simultaneously. But then a mutual friend told me about her blog and I checked it out and I was hooked. Beckie is a wonderful conveyor of life experiences through the written word and points us to The Word to help keep us grounded plus shares various ways she’s learned how to talk back to the negative self-talk in her head, something I also struggle with as well. Anyway, get your New Year off to a great start by reading Beckie’s blog and I promise you will be blessed! Thanks, Beckie, for using your gift of writing to speak the truth, motivate and inspire others, and share your journey with us.

PS A little birdie told me that a piece by Beckie Peterson will be appearing in local magazine, Connections’ January 2015 edition. Congrats, Beckie!


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