Home Sweet Home

After a week’s absence from the hubby, the teen and I have returned to the family nest and it is a profoundly comforting sensation to be reunited with your beloved spouse and have everyone where they’re supposed to be…for now. With the graduation of the teen just two years away and every day being so precious to me because of that, I love being in my nest and getting to spend the extra time with him when I can, especially with school starting back tomorrow. He also now volunteers with the adorable felines at a wonderful place called The Haven of the Ozarks.

I don’t know who enjoys his time there the most: the furry, purry creatures or him! And next month he plans to take his driver’s license exam and so, D.V., will be able to be more independent and pursue whatever activities he previously was dependent upon us for, which some times meant, due to our life’s circumstances, he couldn’t do some of the things he wanted. So for me, our time spent on the road trip was a nice way to wrap up the summer with some extra time with my extra special teen.

And now that I’m back with my hubby, I breathe a sigh of deep relief knowing all is right with the world because I’ve not left my better half somewhere while I’m enjoying the wonderful making of memories with family and friends. When you live out of state and your health and other circumstances (or theirs) make travel infrequent–even impossible at times–it leaves an aching in your soul for closer proximity and/or fewer health issues that would make regular, ongoing memory making that one takes for granted when they’re younger (or at least I did) an ongoing thing one must accept as a limitation that can be offered up to God or something that causes ongoing frustration. But we all make our own choices based on a myriad of factors, ultimately guided by the hand of Le Bon Dieu (“the good God” per Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie’s novels), “who never has problems, only plans,” as Corrie ten Boom reminds us. I’m grateful for where I live at this point in my life. I also wish I could be closer or my family would move closer. We’re all where we’re supposed to be at this point for a reason. At any time that may change, as improbable as it may seem.

In the meantime, it’s good to be home.

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  1. pewterandjackie@aol.com
    Aug 14, 2014 @ 14:47:05

    I wanted to share Acts 17:26 with you — in the ESV or NKJV that I know of for sure. Perhaps other versions are as clear. I’ve trusted this plan of God’s for many years as I’ve moved 20 times since I married in 1964. Yes, that’s true! Love you much, Mom



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