Marching On

From The Sacrament of the Present Moment, Jean-Pierre de Caussade, trans. Kitty Muggeridge

When the senses are scared, faith, taking everything in good part and for the best, is full of courage and confidence….To live by faith, then, is to live in joy, confidence, certainty and trust in all there is to do and suffer each moment as ordained by God. However mysterious it may seem, it is in order to awaken and maintain this living faith that God drags the soul through tumultuous floods of so much suffering, trouble, perplexity, weariness and ruin. For faith is needed to discover in all this God and that divine life which can neither be seen nor felt but, nevertheless, in some mysterious way, unmistakably reveals itself….

Living by faith and the instinct of faith are the same thing. It is joy in God’s goodness and trust founded on the hope of his protection; a faith which delights in and accepts everything with good grace….Faith always lives in God and his works even when they seem harmful and blind the senses. Scared, they suddenly cry out: “Wretch, you’re lost! At the end of your tether!” And faith immediately replies yet louder: “Hold fast, march on, fear nothing.”

March on. I like that. Here’s to marching on in the face of fear when, despite our difficulties and failures, all we have to do is keep walking–or marching–by faith. And the simple prayer “Jesus, I trust in you” never hurts either.

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