The Post I Never Thought I’d Write

But wait…I didn’t write this! But I easily could have, especially the first sentence. So please hop on over to this poignant post from a mom whose story–although differing in the details–resonates strongly with mine as one of those “learning to Let it Go” lessons. I particularly loved her sharing some of the lessons she’s learned along the way. For each of us our ongoing spiritual education challenge is whether we will choose to keep holding on tightly or will take our leap of faith and give up the illusion of control. If the latter, then we’ll do what we have to do in each of our unique circumstances, ultimately putting our money where our mouth is and walk the talk, baby! Maybe nothing will change externally. But then again, maybe it will.

BTW, my Teen Guy started school today. There. I said it. And I’m sure he’s doing just fine. And, oddly enough, so am I.

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