Speaking of traveling…

Here’s a reminder that some of us can never hear too often–and her approach can be tailored to whatever type of work you do.


I particularly appreciate her comments about defining our own terms instead of making assumptions and taking a cookie cutter approach to our lives. Additionally, I second her advice to look for what energizes vs drains you so that you can get rid of your energy leaks and maintain a steady flow of oxygen to your life. I want to point out that this is something that may involve an ongoing process instead of just a one-time inventory and single tweaking.

Just as hikers’ breathing needs are different from those of us on more level terrain, what we’ll need will fluctuate as our lives’ demands upon us change over time. Hikers have to breathe deeper and more often to get enough oxygen going through their muscles because each breath contains less oxygen and likewise there will be times in our lives when this is also the case for us. The bottom line is that when we get what we need for optimal functioning first then those around us get a better version of us than they do when they get an oxygen-deprived version of us. Been there, done that. Just this weekend, in fact (sigh). Time to adjust my oxygen mask…

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